Shoulder Press Trapezius Exercises Video and Guide
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Shoulder Press

How to perform Shoulder Press

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and grab the bar with a slightly wider than shoulder- width grip (wrap your thumbs around the bar). To get the bar into position, you can either explosively heave it up off the floor and up to your shoulders, or set the bar at shoulder level on the supports of a power rack. If the bar is on the rack, nudge it off and let it rest against the front of your shoulders. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, and push your chest out.
Begin pressing the bar overhead, retracting your head as the bar rises to keep it out of the way. When the bar passes your head, press it up and slightly backward so that it ends up in line with the back of your head. Hold for a moment, then lower the bar back to your shoulders. That’s one rep.

Video: Shoulder Press

Muscles Targeted: Trapezius(Upper Shoulder), Deltoid(Shoulder) and Rhomboids(Upper Back)

Points to Note

This exercise is commonly cited as a cause of shoulder joint problems in some people.
•    Do keep your back straight.
•    Continue to breathe.
•    Do move your arms slowly.
•    Do move your dominant arm (your right arm if you are right handed and left arm if you are left handed) at the same pace as your non-dominant arm.
•    Do keep your shoulders even with each other.

Variation: Shoulder Press

Dumb Bell Shoulder Press
Military Press
Olympic Press
Push Press
Arnold Press
Bradford Press

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