Step Up Deadlift Quadriceps Exercises Video and Guide
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Step Up

How to perform Step Up

Start by looking at a bench infront of you and begin by lifting your any leg and then step-up onto the bench. You can either return to the starting position or lift the opposing leg up working your hip flexor. Once down at the starting position use the other leg for the next repetition.

Video: Step Up

Muscles Targeted: quadriceps (thigh), hamstrings, hip flexors, gastrocnemius, soleus (upper and lower calf muscles)

Points to Remember

Do look straight ahead throughout the exercise and keep your back in neutral. Make sure you step up and down in a straight line without wobbling from side to side, which can place strain on the ankle, knee, hips and back.
Don’t use a padded bench as this will provide an unstable base. The bench should be high enough to allow you to step up from a maximum 90Oangle at the knee when the stepping leg is on the bench. A lower bench will result in a shallower knee angle and the ensuing action will recruit less buttock and hamstring musculature.
Don’t perform with heavy weights if you have a back problem.

Variations: Step Up

Step Up Drive
Grounded Foot Step Up Drive

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