Romanian (Stiff Legged) Deadlift Quadriceps Exercises Video and Guide
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Romanian (Stiff Legged) Deadlift

How to perform Romanian Deadlift

•  Stand with your feet parallel to one another, and at least 12 inches apart. Take a breath, bend your knees, push your hips back and hold your back perfectly straight. Raising your chin and chest slightly should help. Until you get the “feel” of the correct form, have a friend “spot” you to make sure you are doing this right.
• Pull your abdominal muscles in at the navel. Use your hips and “glutes” to straighten to a full standing position while lifting the bar. This movement should always be slow, steady, and deliberate with your arms remaining straight.
• Reverse the movement by pushing your hips back with your knees just slightly bent (unlike when doing a squat), exhaling as you lower the bar almost to the floor. Maintain a straight back. Your hips and hip flexors will feel this movement first.
• Repeat for the desired number of repetitions. As this becomes easier, you may slowly and gradually add more weight plates to the barbell.

Video: Romanian Deadlift

Muscles Targeted: Glutes, hamstrings and low back (additional work is done by the upper back and gripping muscles).

Points to remember

•    Keep your back straight – i.e. in its normal position – throughout the movement. Do not lean forwards.
•    Keep the bar as close as possible to your legs throughout the movement.
•    Make sure your knees travel in line with your toes – do not allow them to travel inwards.

Variations: Romanian Deadlift

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