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Chest Flye

How to perform Dumb Bell Chest Fly

•    Grasp two dumbbells.
•    Lie supine on bench.
•    Feet are kept flat on the floor, weight on the heels, lower leg perpendicular to the floor, with the buttocks always in contact with the bench. This prevents extreme arching of your lower back. Feet are kept flat on the ground or end of the bench a wide foot stance to increase stability on the bench.
•    Pinch the shoulder blades together to avoid recruiting the anterior deltoid during the lift.
•    Keep your chest up at all time. Don’t allow your chest to go flat or shoulders to roll forward. You’ll lose upper-back tightness, losing power & increasing risk of shoulder injury.
•    Support dumbbells above the chest with the arms fixed in a slightly bent position.
•    Internally rotate shoulders so elbows to the sides.
•    Lower dumbbells to sides until chest muscles are stretched with elbows fixed (locked in position, slightly bent). The important thing to remember is to have a slight bend in the elbows, have the palms facing up during the movement, and pull your shoulder blades back together when you lower the weight so it takes strain off the rotator cuff.
•    Bring dumbbells together in a hugging motion (like you are hugging a tree) until dumbbells are nearly together. Squeeze the pecs so that the shoulder blades should start moving away from each other because that is what the pecs do.
•    Repeat.

Videos: Dumb Bell Fly

Muscles Targeted: Chest or Pectoral Muscles. Biceps and Deltoids(Shoulders) to a lesser extent.

Points to Note

Lock your elbows
Extending the movement beyond the range of your shoulders can cause impingement, which may lead to serious injuries.
When performing the chest fly on a machine, make sure to keep the small of your back pressed into the pad, and your feet firmly on the floor. Do not allow the machine to jerk you back on the return movement.

Variations: Chest Fly

The Chest Fly can be performed on a Cable Machine (shown in video below)
Incline Bench Chest Fly
Decline Chest Fly
Chest Fly on the Swiss Ball

Video: Cable Machine Flye

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