Calves Muscle Exercises - Calf Workouts at Home

Calves Exercises

Calves are probably the most exposed leg muscles, especially during the summer, when everyone is wearing shorts. Calves besides playing an important role in your body musculature, are also showcase muscles. Calves play an essential role in generating thrust power in your legs. So, whenever you jump or start running, your calf muscles are the ones helping kick start that power generation. So, they are an extremely important part of the leg muscles network. Your calves deserve the similar attention as do the rest of the leg muscles. For those interested in showcasing them, probably a little more focus on calves will help you build and show better calf muscles.

Having strong and toned calf muscles make your legs look good, and give your body with a great foundation, helping improve your training and exercise performance. Strengthening calf muscles should be a regular component of your workout routine. If you want to build these muscles, you need to push them more, since they anyway get worked out, while you’re doing daily activities like walking, etc.

Below is a list of calf exercises that would be great for toning and strengthening your calf muscles. Work your calf muscles by using weight – your body weight, free weights, or a weight machine.

Below is the list of calves exercises :

Calf Stretch Rocking Standing Calf Raise Single Leg Standing Calf Raise Standing Calf Raises

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