Hammer Biceps Curls Video Exercise Guide and Benefits
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Hammer Curl (Bicep)

How to perform Hammer Curl

Dumbbell Hammer Curl can be performed with basic gym equipment (dumbbells or barbells & weights) and is very effective in building your Biceps. Watch the video and know how to perform the Dumbbell Hammer Curl.

Get a pair of dumb bells and stand straight up with your arms by your side and you palms facing towards your body. Tense you middle section before starting the hammer curl exercise.
Squeeze the dumb bells tight and raise your arms until your forearms are parallel with the floor. Pause at the top of the hammer curl and squeeze your bicep muscles hard, then slowly lower back down to the starting position.

Videos- Perform Hammer Curl

Muscles Targeted: Forearms, Biceps

Variations of Hammer Curl Exercise

You can do it in the usual way, or bring it in front of your chest, as is also depicted in the Video.

Points to Note

Through the whole hammer curl, keep your elbows locked in at your sides. If you find that when you are doing the hammer curl that your elbows are moving forward, lower your weight.


See the image slider below to see how to perform the Hammer Curl (Bicep) exercise.
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