Bicep Exercises - Bicep Workouts - Biceps Brachii Muscle

Bicep Exercises

Bicep Muscles are located at the front of your upper arm. Bicep muscles are the ones you flex when showing someone how big the muscles in your arms are. Definition and cut of your arms develops after toning these muscles.

Biceps brachii “Bi” + “cep” literally, meaning “2 heads”; 2 parts to this one muscle- a long head and a short head located to the front of upper arms. Each muscle starts at a different point on the scapula (shoulder blade), but both muscles attach to the same place on the forearm and elbow. Bicep is a relatively small muscle but is used for varied functions like “pro-nation” (arm extended, palm facing body) to “supination” (arm curled).

Below is the list of bicep exercises with Dumbbells:

Forearm Stretch Bicep Stretch Reverse Dumbbell Preacher Curl Close Grip Standing Reverse Barbell Curl
Bicep Curl with Band Preacher Hammer Dumbbell Curl Seated Incline Curl Swiss Ball Preacher Curl
Curls Alternating Curl Standing One-Arm Cable Curl Incline Bench
Incline Dumbbell Curl Dumbbell Curl with Static Hold Incline Bicep Curl Incline off-set Thumb Dumbbell Curl
Two-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl One-Arm Curl on Incline Bench Standing Dumbbell Reverse Curl Hammer curl to press
Static Curl Alternate Hammer Curl Dumbbell Alternate Curl Twisting Standing Dumbbell Curl
Dumbbell Curl Dumbbell Squat and Curl Seated Bicep Curl Seated Reverse Dumbbell Curl
Cross Body Hammer Curl Dumbbell Prone Incline Curl Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Curl Incline Dumbbell Curls
One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl Concentration Curl Standing Dumbbell Curl Reverse Barbell Preacher Curls
Reverse EZ-Bar Curl Close grip EZ bar curl Swiss Ball Preacher Curl Wide-Grip Standing Barbell Curl
Reverse Barbell Curl Drag Curl Close Grip Barbell Curl Barbell Curl
Two Arm Cable Curls One Arm Curl Cable Alternating Flex Curl Standing Biceps Cable Curl
High Cable Curls Cable Curl Chin Up Reverse Curl (Bicep)
Preacher Curl (Bicep) Hammer Curl (Bicep) Bicep Curl

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