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Sugar Busters Diet

The basic idea behind Sugar Buster diet is avoid certain sugars that cause of weight gain, in order to reduce weight. The Sugar Buster Diet recommends omitting certain carbohydrates from your diet which can increase the blood sugar. The Sugar Buster Diet suggests that calorie intake should not increase 1200 a day

Benefits of Sugar Busters Diet
– The Sugar Buster Diet decreases the risk of acquiring heart diseases and other health problems caused by saturated fat.
– The Sugar Buster Diet helps in weight loss and weight maintenance.
– The Sugar Buster Diet provides body with ample amount of phytonutrients and fiber as it focuses on the vegetable and fruit intake.
– The Sugar Buster diet is simple and not every food needs to be avoided.

Drawbacks of Sugar Busters Diet
– The Sugar Buster diet at times limits the intake of necessary nutrients.
– The Sugar Buster Diet can get monotonous for vegetarians as some healthy fruits are also eliminated from the list of eatables.
– The Sugar Buster diet ignores the fact of individual body requirements.
– The Sugar Buster diet is tough to stick for long term.
– Weight loss is very slow while following Sugar Buster Diet.

Review of the Sugar Busters Diet
Sugar Busters Diet works for many people for weight loss by eliminating refined sugars as this diet eliminates a significant source of calorie..

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