Real Food Detox Diet Plan Review - Benefits of Real Food Diet
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Real Food Diet

Real Food Diet believes that feeling satisfied and well nourished is critical for successful weight loss and in her opinion Mediterranean-style cooking offers the most enjoyable way to achieve this.

‘Get real’ is the new age slogan that is promoted heavily by the Real Food Diet.  Our body does not need processed foods and other stimulants instead should be pampered with the natural flavours of whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. The idea is to gradually detox your diet and substitute it with healthier options resulting in a healthier lifestyle. These healthier changes will give you more energy, better sleep, glowing skin, better digestion and over all sense of well being.


Real Food Diet outlines six steps to sustainable eating:
– Start Small
– Go Local
– Play the (green) market
– Branch out
– Learn the story behind your food
– Plant a garden – however small

Drawbacks of Real Food Diet
– Not specifically targeted towards weight loss.
– Does not contain a structured meal plan.
– A healthier diet will automatically result in weight loss.

Review of Real Food Diet
Even if this diet doesn’t tell us anything new it just reminds us that natural is the way to be for general well being. Weight loss is a by-product, the key is to lead a healthier lifestyle to intelligent food choices..

Note: Fitho does not endorse this diet.

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