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Raw Banana Diet

There is a new diet fad out called the banana diet. The creators of the Banana Diet from Japan claims that eating only bananas and drinking room temperature water for breakfast leads to weight loss regardless of what is consumed for the rest of the day. The diet is extremely simple and easy to follow however many Japanese have reported rapid weight loss when experimenting with this diet.

Basis of Raw Banana Diet
One of the reasons why the raw diet may work is that bananas are said to improve digestion and boost metabolism. Another possibility is that bananas are high in resistant starch, which is a type of fiber that can promote the feeling of fullness and may block the absorption of some carbohydrates.
Water at room temperature is recommended as it improves digestion or reduces hunger.

Rules of Raw Banana Diet
The banana diet usually has 4-5 rules and they are as follows:
– Eat one raw banana for breakfast, with some versions of the diet including a glass of room temperature water.
– Eat whatever you’d like for lunch and dinner. This includes fried foods. All the versions say no sweets for lunch or dinner.
– Do have a mid-afternoon snack. Some versions of the banana diet suggest having chocolates and cookies.
– Dieters are allowed to have room temperature water at meal times, but only a little.
– The raw banana diet requires dieters to go to bed by midnight. This allows four hours from your last meal to when you go to bed. You are not required to exercise unless you would like to.

There are several versions of raw banana diet which have a cut off time of 8:00 p.m. for dinner and strict bedtime of mid-night. Healthier versions of the raw banana diet suggest eating a banana, or another fruit, with water before every meal.

Drawback of Raw Banana Diet
– Easy for dieters to consume excess calories if they eat whatever they like for lunch and dinner.
– Does not encourage exercise and does not address psychological factors involved in dieting.

Review of Raw Banana Diet
Raw banana diet will result in a reduction of calories that will promote weight loss so long as dieters do not consume excessive calories in their other meals. Once they follow the normal diet the weight lost will bounce back..

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