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Low Sodium Diet

Sodium is good for the natural functioning of our body but too much sodium can result in lifestyle disorders like high blood pressure. Major source of sodium in our food is salt. With the advent of fast food like burgers, chips etc our intake of sodium has considerably gone up.  Higher amount of sodium intake results in water retention and weight gain, especially since most food high on sodium are also high in calories like your chips, sauces, pastas, mayonnaise etc . A low Sodium diet encourages restricted intake of salt in the diet. Salt is substituted with healthier herbs and spices to increase the flavor of the food resulting in a healthier lifestyle shift.

Drawback of Low Sodium Diet
Restricting sodium intake alone does not help you lose weight. Some amount of physical activity is required for weight loss. This diet helps in regulating the lifestyle encouraging healthier food habits.

Review of Low Sodium Diet
A Low Sodium Diet is not a diet which is primarily designed to help you lose weight; rather it is a diet which has been designed to deal with certain health problems and to help you eat in a healthier fashion..

Note: Fitho does not endorse this diet.

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