Lemon Diet Weight Loss Plan Review - Benefits of Lemon Diet
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Lemon Diet

Lemon Diet or ‘lemon cleanse’ is another fad diet aimed at the masses of people who are desperate to lose weight. It is seen as simply as another starvation diet as you will be taking in less than the daily recommended amount of calories.

Lemon diet helps the body to get rid of any unwanted toxins present in the colon and the liver that are preventing the optimum performance of the body. Lemon diet not only helps in weight reduction, but also increases the energy level and gives a glow and softness to the skin.

Drawbacks of Lemon Diet
– Dieters’ may feel quite weak or tired for the first few days of the diet as your body is getting rid of unwanted toxins and fat.
– Dieters’ may also feel too giddy or sluggish because of very low caloric intake of the diet.

Review of Lemon Diet
Lemon diet is an extremely low protein and calorie count, the body is not able to generate enough energy to provide sufficient nutrients to rebuild lost muscle tissue. There is therefore a good chance that those who report rapid weight loss are actually losing muscle than fat. There is also the danger of the body sensing a sudden loss in calorie intake and goes into starvation mode where it maintains stores of fat for emergencies given the reduced intake..

Note: Fitho does not endorse this diet.

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