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Jenny Craig Diet

Jenny Craig Diet is not so much a diet, but a franchised weight loss center with packaged food. Jenny Craig weight loss clinics are all over the world.

The foundation of the Jenny Craig program is its prepackaged meals, the majority of which are frozen. The meals include approximately 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 20% fat and are supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables and low fat dairy products.

Dieters are offered with 24-hour online and telephone support where information, advice and encouragement are available whenever needed.

There are three levels in the program, these are:
The first level of the Jenny Craig Diet allows food dieters like in small portions.
The second level of the Jenny Craig Diet teaches dieters how to boost their energy and lose weight by regular physical activity.
The third level of the Jenny Craig Diet instructs dieters how to continue with a healthy lifestyle so that weight loss is maintained.

Dieters are educated as to which foods must be limited due to their high calorie content as well as the foods that can be eaten in abundance such as low carbohydrate vegetables and salad.
Fruit, vegetables and nonfat dairy products are recommended to supplement the prepackaged meals.

Benefits of the Jenny Craig Diet
– The Jenny Craig Diet is convenient and saves time involved in shopping and food preparation.
– Following the Jenny Craig Diet, the dieters have no need to plan meals or count calories.
– Support, advice and encouragement from Jenny Craig staff may be very beneficial.
– In the Jenny Craig Diet Calorie intake is adjusted to suit individual requirements.
– The Jenny Craig Diet helps dieters to learn about portion control.
– The Jenny Craig Diet povides guidance for eating in restaurants.
– Includes a weight loss maintenance plan.

Drawbacks of the Jenny Craig Diet
– While following the Jenny Craig Diet many dieters experience hunger due to the low calorie content of the meals.
– Sometimes it becomes difficult for dieters to maintain weight loss and calorie control specially when they stop relying on meal delivery.
– Some dieters may not like eating prepackaged and frozen meals.
– The Jenny Craig Diet is expensive in comparison to many other programs.
– The Jenny Craig Diet is not suitable for vegans.
– The Jenny Craig Diet does not cater for those with food allergies..

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