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Gluten Free Diet

A Gluten diet is popularly being used as a fad diet to lose weight. A Gluten-Free Diet is a diet completely free of gluten. Gluten is a protein found in most grains (specifically those that include rye, barley, or wheat). Traditionally used to treat celiac disease, a disease that disrupts the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine.

On this diet the main food types to be avoided are rye, barley gluten, and wheat.  Examples of foods we love to eat but contain gluten are breads, pizza, pasta, malted breakfast cereals, bagels, and crackers. Food products like “Plain” meat, fish, rice, fruits, and vegetables do not contain gluten and can be consumed freely.

Drawback of Gluten Free Diet
- Gluten free diet needs special attention.
- Gluten free diets are difficult to find food products easily available in the market that are.
- Gluten free diet is not practical for most people.

Review of Gluten Free Diet
This diet mostly helps people suffering from celiac disease. Especially since one of the major symptoms of this disorder is bloating of abdominal, making your diet gluten free helps get rid of this bloating.  The only other weight loss that happens is due to the restriction of calorie intake in this diet. There is no scientific proof that this diet helps in weight loss.

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