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Eat Clean Diet

Eating clean basically means that foods are selected from those in their natural state; unprocessed and whole. This is not necessarily a low calorie approach to dieting with a greater emphasis being placed on the quality of the foods selected.

Basis of Eat Clean Diet
When you Eat Clean you eat more often. You will eat lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. These practices keep your blood-sugar levels stable and keep you satisfied. The best part is that dieters need to lose weight it will happen almost without you having to try.

Eat Clean Diet recommends six small meals every day that are to be composed entirely of clean foods. Each meal should contain around 300-400 calories and must contain protein as well as complex carbohydrates.
Cheat meals are allowed only once a week. This means that this is a very strict plan that will require a great deal of discipline in addition to implementing a dramatic overhaul of diet and lifestyle for most people.

Foods Allowed in Eat Clean Diet
– A wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables form the foundation of the diet.
– Complex carbohydrates include legumes as well as whole grains such as brown rice and oats.
– Lean proteins such as chicken breast, turkey and fish.
– Sources of healthy fats include olive oil, avocado and raw nuts.
– Foods to avoid include all processed foods, refined grains, sugar, foods containing saturated and trans fats and alcohol.

Drawback of Eat Clean Diet
– Very stringent plan. Must give up all processed foods including refined carbohydrates, sugars, prepared foods and alcohol.
– May interfere with social interactions, as eating out can be extremely difficult without deviating from the plan.

Review of Eat Clean Diet
After all, most dieters should know to abstain from processed “junk” foods and stick to healthy food choices, making their weight control issue one of psychology or motivation as opposed to one of incomplete information..

Note: Fitho does not endorse this diet.

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