Dean Ornish Diet Plan Review - Benefits of Dean Ornish Diet
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Dean Ornish Diet

Dr Dean Ornish recommended the diet . While many weight loss diets are low-fat, some fall into the category of being very low fat (where only 10-20% of the calories come from fats).

The goal of the Ornish diet is to prevent or treat heart disease. According to Dr. Ornish, severe heart disease can often be reversed by following his plan. In addition to a low-fat, whole-foods diet, Dr. Ornish also promotes moderate exercise, stress management techniques, and social support. All of these lifestyle changes can protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, and other diseases. In addition, the diet tends to be lower in calories compared to how most people usually eat, so weight loss may occur.

The Dean Ornish diet focuses on drastic reduction of calorie intake. Weight loss is experienced in 13 days. After 13 days the normal diet can be taken, without overeating. This diet is very strict as throughout its entire duration the routine of the diet cannot be broken or it won’t have any effect.

Foods Restricted in Dean Ornish Diet
Foods not allowed are; all fats, oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, refined carbohydrates (including sugar, white rice, and white flour).
In Danish ornish diet one meal per day is skipped. The breakfast consists of a beverage (either tea or coffee) with a single cube of sugar. The lunch is also very low on calories and nutrients. It consists mostly of a low calorie protein and two vegetables. The lunch diet keeps on revolving. The dinner contains protein rich foods but scant amount of vitamins.

Drawbacks of Danish Ornish Diet
– Very-low-fat diet is difficult for most people to follow.
– Fat provides a pleasant taste to food. It also gives us a feeling of satiety, meaning it helps us feel satisfied, curbs our appetite, and guards against overeating. People who follow a very-low-fat diet often feel hungry and unsatisfied.
– The Ornish diet can be low in other nutrients including protein, vitamin B12, and iron.

Review of Dean Ornish Diet
The Danish Ornish diet may be a bit extreme for the average person, many of the concepts can be incorporated into a diet of moderation to help prevent disease and promote health..

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