Coconut Diet Weight Loss Plan Review - Benefits of Coconut Diet
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Coconut Diet

The Coconut Diet picks up where traditional diets fail. The coconut oil is a low-carb diet that revolves around the use of coconut oil to lose weight and alleviate common health problems. Low-fat diets don’t work. The body needs a proper balance of good fats, but in recent years traditional, healthy saturated fats have been substituted with harmful trans-fatty acids in food industry. The Coconut Diet replaces these highly refined harmful fats with one of the healthiest fats known to mankind: coconut oil.


The creators of the diet claim that the fats from coconut are metabolized differently than other fats in that instead of being stored they are broken down for immediate energy as they are MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides).

Phases of Coconut Diet

There are four phases to the diet:
Phase 1 (The 21-Day Weight Loss Kickoff): Dieters eat three meals and one or two snacks throughout the day. The meals consist of lean protein and vegetables avoid foods such as bread, sweets, and fruits.
Phase 2 (Cleansing): Dieters drink fluids made from vegetables and fiber. This particular phase of the diet cleanses the internal organs.
Phase 3 (Introducing Healthy Carbs): an introduction of healthy carbohydrates. At the beginning of the diet, carbohydrates are strictly prohibited
Phase 4 (Maintenance): This final phase of the diet plan helps to maintain weight loss after the dieter has reached his goal weight. Despite this fact, the dieter is encouraged to continue avoiding alcohol, sweets, and some fruits.

Drawback of Coconut Diet
– Highly restrictive with complex rules.
– Phase two plans are too low in calories and will produce hunger and possibly an inability to carry out normal daily activity.

Review of Coconut Diet
The extremely restrictive nature of the diet necessitates that the majority of meals be prepared at home and the possibilities for eating out are very limited. Dieters must be prepared to give up alcohol, caffeine, sugar, grains, dairy products and most fruits..

Note: Fitho does not endorse this diet.

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