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Chocolate Diet

The Chocolate Diet is an attractive Fad Diet because it includes everyone’s favorite food. Besides Chocolate it also includes pasta and popcorn. This sounds like the tastiest diet ever.

Voak created ‘The Chocolate Diet’ to enable dieters to break their addiction to chocolate and learn how to include chocolate in the daily diet without compromising weight loss. All of the diet plans begin with a complete elimination of chocolate for one week. Voak claims that this allows dieters to control their cravings for chocolate. Following this initial week dieters are provided with a daily chocolate allowance.

Food Restricted in the Chocolate Diet
The following items are to be avoided while on the Pasta-Chocolate Diet: Alcoholic beverages, salt/sodium, sugars (artificial sweeteners are okay), oils, oily fruits (avocados, olives, coconuts), high sugar/cal fruits (raisins, figs, dates),fried food, dairy products, red meats, nuts and seeds, unauthorized snacks (chips, junk food, candies, cakes, pies, etc.), coffee/caffeine and carbonated soft drinks.

Drawback of Chocolate Diet
–    Calorie allowances are too low for most dieters especially those who are very physically active.
–    Some dieters may find that chocolate even in small amounts increases their cravings.

Review of Chocolate Diet
This is basically a low calorie, low fat diet plan with small amounts of chocolate allowed daily. Dieters will probably lose weight on this plan initially due to the combination of low calories and exercise however the long-term success is still under a probe. Also reducing 7 pounds in a week is an unrealistic goal. Also it’s not clear that chocolate stimulates the metabolism or helps the fat burning process...

Note: Fitho does not endorse this diet.

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