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Cheat to Lose Diet

A Cheat to Lose Diet set out by Joel Marion. The Cheat to Lose approach gets more deeply into earlier dieting principles of aerobic and strength training and high-protein small and frequent meals.

Cheat to Lose Diet aims to manipulate the level of the hormone leptin –which falls when calorie intake drops, thereby restricting the tendency for the body to keep burning fat, so weight loss slows or stops.

The objective of Cheat to Lose Diet is to increase the leptin level, by increasing caloric intake which ‘tricks’ the body into resuming weight-loss – in fact suggests that a single day of overfeeding or ‘cheating’ restores leptin levels and the resumption of weight-loss activity.

This is the ‘cheat day’, when you can consume foods “you crave without feeling guilty”.

The 2 main phases of Cheat to Lose Diet are:
– The Priming Phase: One week of reduced carb, one week of Low Glycemic Load carbohydrates, one week of Higher Glycemic Load, and then a “cheat day”
– The Core Phase: Each week begins with two low-carb days, followed by an increasing Glycemic Load on each of 4 days, finishing with a ‘cheat day’.

The idea is to manipulate leptin levels in order to maximize fat loss.

Drawback of Cheat to Lose Diet
– The Cheat to Lose Diet may result in the development of poor habits leading to long-term failure after short-term success.
– In the diet, the seventh day of the week is a “cheat” day where you are allowed to eat any foods of your choice. Unfortunately, this can send the message that unhealthy foods can be a part of a healthy diet, leading to poor habits.
– The cheat day could be a stumbling block for people who have a habit of gorging on food when they’ve gone for days without having what they want. If dieters eat a large amount of fat and calories on the cheat day, they could undo all their efforts.

Review of the Cheat to Lose Diet
The Cheat to Lose Diet is not based on any scientific or clinical research. The cheat day can undo the efforts of the dieters..

Note: Fitho does not endorse this diet.

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