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Cardio Free Diet

Cardio free diet has been described Personal trainer and author, Jim Karas. Cardio free diet claims that cardio exercise is not only unnecessary but may actually be interfering with your weight loss goals.

Karas declares that cardio causes weight gain by triggering us to increase our intake of food and to consume more calories that we would otherwise. Karas also claims that the body adapts to cardio exercise over time so that it is necessary to keep doing more and more cardio in order to get the same calorie burning effects.

Basics of Cardio free diet:
Cardio free diet does actually give recommendations:
– To either eliminate or severely limit the intake of refined carbohydrates, sodas, juices and salad dressings.
– Dieters are advised to always eat breakfast and never skip meals.
– High fiber carbohydrates are recommended to help control blood sugar balance and prevent cravings.
– Cardio Free Diet recommends three meals per day along with three small snacks.
– A 100 calorie snack both before and after workouts.
– A glass of wine is allowed daily.
– Resistance exercises for 20 minutes, 3 times a week

Recommended Foods of Cardio Free Diet
Dieters are instructed to eat dairy foods and take a calcium supplement.

Cardio Free Diet Cons
– Requires calorie counting and strict portion control.
– Calorie recommendations are very low and it will be difficult to meet all nutritional needs on this plan.
– 20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week is unlikely to produce good results especially in intermediate or advanced exercisers.

Review of Cardio Free Diet
Weight training can help build lean muscle which boosts metabolism and promote an improved body shape. But cardio free diet program is fairly low calorie which will also tend to reduce metabolic rate over the longer term.
Furthermore many studies have shown that cardio reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer in addition to being one of the most reliable predictors of weight maintenance following a weight loss program..

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