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Brown Fat Diet

The Brown Fat Revolution: Trigger Your Body’s Good Fat to Lose Weight and Be Healthier is written by James Lyons, MD., a plastic surgeon and former clinical instructor at Yale University.

Lyons recommends the dieters an eating plan where they alternate between carbohydrates and proteins. According to him this helps to reduce appetite, regulate blood sugar and hinder the production of fat. Lyons attempts to dispel the myth that eating fat will make you fat and he encourages dieters to ensure an adequate intake of healthy fats.

Dieters eat six small meals every day and should always consume a meal both before and after exercise. Apparently this will help to “keep your metabolism on an even keel,” and will assist with the replacement of yellow fat with brown fat.

The Brown Fat diet includes a four-week meal plan that provides options for vegetarian and vegan dieters.

Benefits of Brown Fat Diet
– Encourages the intake of healthy fats and low glycemic carbohydrates.
– Includes vegetarian and vegan options.
– Encourages exercise.
– Encourages healthy weight loss expectations.

Drawbacks of Brown Fat Diet
– Not all experts agree that activating brown fat will lead to weight loss.
– Diet is very similar to most other high protein, reduced carbohydrate diets.
– Does not encourage cardiovascular exercise.
– May not appeal to men and younger women.

Remarks of Brown Fat Diet
The Brown Fat diet is aimed to help dieters to develop a higher proportion of brown fat, which has been linked to an increased metabolism and reduced body weight. However, the claims made by Lyons for the efficacy of his program and beneficial health effects of brown fat are yet to be adequately substantiated.
While dieters may lose weight by following The Brown Fat Diet, it will probably not be primarily due to changes in the composition of fat and is more likely to be related to improving the quality of the diet and engaging in regular exercise..

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