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Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet

The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene, Ophra’s personal trainer guides you to develop healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, for weight loss and to maintain a healthy weight. The program does this in 3 phases. Bob’s three–phased approach is meant to prepare your body for weight loss. For instance, two key Phase One objectives — increasing your activity level and restructuring how you eat — will help jump start your metabolism and increase the number of calories you burn.

Phase 1 – minimum 4 weeks (More activity, establishing meal patterns): The diet program stipulates 3 meals (including breakfast) plus at least 1 snack daily, and no eating during minimum 2 hours before bedtime along with increase physical activity.

Phase 2 – minimum 4 weeks (Significant but consistent weight loss through control of hunger and dietary changes): Dieters on Best Life Diet develop understanding of the physical and emotional reasons for your hunger using the hunger scale. Eat reasonable food portions, and remove 6 foods from your diet that are ‘empty’ or are problem foods.

Phase 3 – lifetime lifestyle (Continue to improve quality of diet for good health and weight maintenance): other foods according to the calories advice given, and balance your diet using the guidelines, removing more unhealthy foods and adding wholesome ones.

Review of Best Life Diet
The Best Life Diet helps you keep your calories in check. Dieters do so primarily by managing the hunger using a tool called the Hunger Scale, putting a lid on sweets and eating proper portions..

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