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Baby Food Diet

Popularized by media, Baby Food diet is used for weight loss by reducing meal and snack portions to small packages similar to portions served to a baby. In this diet baby food is recommended as a healthy alternative to snacks and sometimes a meal. This is primarily a liquid diet and food is taken in the puree form.

Baby food is free of additives, pure and full of vitamins. Baby foods have relatively smaller portions which are small enough to control cravings and avoid the temptation to overeat.

Many selections in baby food are gluten-free for those on a gluten-free diet with Organic varieties available in variety of flavors.

Drawback of Baby Food Diet
– Small portions could lead to a binge later on
– Taste is bland -Since very little chewing is involved, satiety might not be achieved

Review of Baby Food Diet
Baby Food diet is a crash diet. Any crash diet can leave you feeling weak and tired

Note: Fitho does not endorse this diet.

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