1200 Calorie Diet Plan Review - Benefits of 1200 Calorie Diet
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1200 Calorie Diet

The 1200 Calories Diet Plan is a balanced eating plan containing about 1200 calories consumed per day. This diet plan can really help overweight people who are desperate to shed their weight in quick time. This is because 1200 calories will generally provide an adequate nutritional intake for most individuals, yet still allows the reduction of calories to the level that most dieters require in order for losing weight.

Food Allowed on a 1200 calorie diet plan
– A variety of food items like vegetables, fruits, whole grains,nuts, seeds, legumes, eggs and dairy products should be consumed.
– Fatty, sweet and heavily refined food items should be avoided. Eat only whole and unrefined food.
– Low fat versions of dairy products should be consumed.
One shouldn’t take weight training or other exercises when he/she is on this diet program. The body will not have any stored energy due to the consumption of mere 1200 calories, which makes it almost impossible to do any exercises.

Drawbacks of 1200 Calorie Diet
– Diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies.
– Many dieters will experience fatigue and hunger on a low calorie diet.
– 1200 calorie diet is not suitable for physically active individuals.

Review of 1200 Calorie Diet
The 1200 calorie diet does not estimate one’s body mass index (BMI) or Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) in order to calculate the number of calories that should be consumed on a regular basis.

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