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Cottage Cheese

A fresh cheese made from milk and has a mild flavor. It is easy to make it at home and is very healthy and nutritious and easily digested.  Contains essential minerals and vitamins and a good source of protein. It is also satisfying food and keeps you filled for a longer time. It can be included in salads, paranthas, sandwiches, mixed vegetable etc. In India it is also known as Paneer.

Nutrition of Cottage Cheese

Eating 100 gm of cottage cheese  gives 105 calories, 4.5 g fat , 2.7 g carbohydrates, and 12.5 g protein. The high protein content of cottage cheese and its high casein content make it a high satiety food so it reduces hunger for longer periods of time. cottage cheese is also rich in phosphorus, riboflavin, selenium, calcium and Vitamin B12. Cottage cheese is also pretty high in sodium. Cottage cheese is also an excellent source of phosphorus.

Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese and its high calcium content is also good for children, as it aids in bone building.
It’s high in protein and a single serving of cottage cheese  has up to fifteen grams of protein. Giving enough energy.
It is a high satiety food so it reduces hunger for longer periods of time due to the presence of casein.
Most cottage cheese is low in carbohydrates with carbohydrate contents from 3-6 gm.

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