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Dairy Products

Dairy Product vary to milk, cheese, cottage cheese, butter, cream, yogurt, buttermilk etc. Dairy products tend to be good sources of calcium, protein and healthy carbohydrates. Below is a list of commonly eaten dairy products, their nutrition information & more.

Here are some of the popular Dairy Products:

Milk Milk is the most commonly consumed dairy product, across the world. Available in all version from skim (fat free) to whole milk (full fat)
Yogurt Yogurt is made from milk, and is commonly available. Good dairy source for lactose intolerant
Soy Milk Soy milk is a milk alternative for those that are lactose intolerant. Its not made from milk, but is similar in characteristics
Buttermilk It contains no butter and is low in fat and calories making it healthy. It contains many vitamins and minerals and has many health benefits.
Cheese Not only does cheese taste good, it can provide a range of benefits to the body and has many health benefits.
Cottage Cheese A fresh cheese made from milk and has a mild flavor. It is easy to make it at home, considered to be healthy and nutritious and easily digested.
Butter High in fat, butter also has health benefits, so control your portions

If you are lactose intolerant, please be wary of consuming the right dairy product

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