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Black Beans

A small, oval, black bean. They have an earthy flavor with a soft texture. An excellent sour of folate and a good source of fiber and iron. Black beans are available dried or precooked. They are also known as Turtle Beans. They are rich with important minerals and vitamins and various health benefits.

Nutrition of Black Beans

One cup of black beans contain 227 calories, with 8 calories from fat. Black beans contain no trans fats. It is rich in folate, manganese, magnesium, thiamin, phosphorous, iron, copper, potassium, zinc and selenium which acts as a important anti-oxidants. Black Beans are a wonderful source of dietary fiber containing soluble and insoluble fiber.

Health benefits of Black beans

Black beans are excellent source of fiber which aid to lower blood cholesterol. Dietary fiber lowers the levels of blood cholesterol.
Soluble fiber helps in preventing the speedy increase of blood sugar levels after meals. For the people who have diabetes, insulin resistance and hypoglycemia, black beans are great.
The soluble fiber of black beans prevents constipation and enhances the stool volume.
It also contains Polyphenols which works as antioxidants in the bloodstream and averts the free radicals from oxidizing cholesterol.
The high amount of antioxidants also helps to sustain cell damage and repair the damaged cells as well as build resistance by increasing immunity levels.
Black beans are low in fat and rich in fiber so they are good for the people who are trying to lose weight.
Folate of black beans help in the growth of the fetus and avert the danger of brain and spinal chord damage in the pregnant women.
Black beans are great for pregnant women, growing children and adolescents as they are good source of iron.

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