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There are different kinds of beans, differing in their shape, color and are full of important nutrients healthy for our body. Beans have plenty of fiber of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Beans are also high in protein and have lower calorie density and important B vitamins.

Below is the list of beans –

Adzuki Beans They have a strong, nutty, sweet flavor. They have vital vitamins and minerals and have various health benefits too.
Black Beans A small, oval, black bean. They have an earthy flavor with a soft texture. A good source of fiber, protein and iron.
Cowpea The beans have a soft texture. An excellent source of fiber and folate and a good source of iron.
Lima Beans They have high protein and are low fat and help in lowering cholesterol.
Fava Beans Fava beans are oval-shaped light brown beans with an earthy flavor and creamy texture. An excellent source of folate and a good source of fiber.
Kidney Beans Kidney beans are red in color and are kidney shaped. The beans are rich in nutrition and help in overall health.
Soy Beans Soybeans are one of healthiest foods available and rich in many nutrients.
Mung Beans They are sweet, and soft, and they are easily digested. They are rich in protein and contains many minerals and vitamins
Great Northern Bean Great northern beans are white beans, which are delicate in flavor and is a legume.

Beans contain a variety of vitamins and minerals and provide high amount of protein important for muscle building and healthy tissue. The carbohydrate and dietary fiber helps in digestion.

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