Green Tea and Weight Loss

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Eat something and then burn calories because you consumed it. Sounds perfect or what? Green tea and weight loss probably comes pretty close.

green tea weight loss

Green tea is packed with antioxidants. All the wear and tear of our body along with our meat consumption releases free radicals in the body. Many of these free radicals serve useful physiological functions, but they can be toxic when generated in excess by causing damage to DNA, tissues, etc, possibly creating cancerous cells.  Anti-oxidants react with these free radicals and mitigate their effects on our body.

Green tea helps to lose weight. It contains EGCG, that is known to stimulate brown fat, is even extracted and used as a weight loss supplement.

Studies have shown that green tea is also effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels and reducing the abnormal formation of clots.

There is more good news – a study at the University of Geneva found that men who were given a combination of caffeine and green tea extract burned more calories than those only on caffeine. Green tea also has anti bacterial properties, so its helps prevent tooth decay also.

So, green tea benefits weight loss & positively affects your health. Drinking green tea helps to live longer (reduces your cancerous cells), live healthier (reduces your bad cholesterol), be fitter (helps you burn more calories) and prevent bad breath (tooth decay). And you’re still wondering whether you should start drinking green tea?

To prepare green tea, boil a cup of hot water. Pour the hot water into tea cup. Dip a green tea bag in a cup of hot water, for 30-60 seconds. If you need, add sugar or honey. Do not add milk to green tea.
This the easiest way to prepare this wonder weight loss drink!

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  • kanika

    hi..which green tea should we buy? can u name the company

  • Fitho

    There are many brands in the market, that vary in flavor. So, we have our personal favourite- we like Twinning Green Tea, with lemon. But thats a personal choice. You even get some brands with blueberry infused green tea, ginger infused green tea, etc.

  • jasbir

    Dear Sir,
    Instead of many trials I could not get the information of how to prepare green tea. I request you to tell me just how to prepare it. Do we simpally have to boil it add sugar + Milk and drink it hot after preparation?
    Expecting your reply, Yours, Jasbir

  • jasbir

    Dear Sir , Iappreciate green tea. As I have read lot of literature about green tea so I trust it to be very good. But again the unsoved question remains of ‘How to prepare it on gas.
    Please take trouble to reply.

  • Green Tea Weight Loss

    To prepare green tea, dip a green tea bag in a cup of water, for 30-60 seconds. Its the easiest way to prepare green tea.

  • Jasbir

    Dear Sir,
    “To Prepare green tea dip a green tea bag in a cup of water for 30 to 60 seconds. It is the easiest way to prepare green tea”
    This information covers solution. Still I want to Know;
    Do we have to dip tea bag in boiling water? Do we have to add milk and sugar? Can we use loose green tea instead of tea bag?
    I shall be obliged if my doubts are further cleared.
    Awaiting, with thanks,

  • Neeru

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please tell me “how many times in a day I can take the green tea”.

    There is one more question “can I have only fruits in the breakfast”


  • Green Tea Weight Loss

    @neeru, we recommend having 2-3 cups of green tea per day.

  • Collie

    Good information about green tea and its benefits.

  • Farah

    Thnx for these wonderful informations. In the picture above the colour of green tea is green but the ones i bought(including Twinings earl grey green tea) are all brown in colour.I wud like to know the difference between the two and which is better.Thnx.:)

  • Fitho

    @Farah, many green teas are closer to brown in colour, even though they are technically green tea. So, instead of a variation like earl grey green tea, try to go for a regular green tea.

  • syed

    where i can buy green tea in noida or delhi

  • Fitho

    green tea is available at many grocery stores across delhi or noida.

  • JLee Jones

    Good Article Good Information. I love green tea I drink it at least three times a day.

  • uma

    plz tel me how to reduce the weight through green tea and can i reduce becoz i got delivered one year back so i wnt to reduce.plz help me out….

  • uma

    you have not responed me.very bad……….

  • manisatya

    Dear sir

    may we add sugar and milk for this green tea. what is benifits without sugar and milk, wht are the loses with both. pls inform the diff.

  • Fitho

    @manisatya, when you drink add milk and sugar to green tea, it reduces the benefits of antioxidants in the tea.
    Sugar just adds calories.

  • Kunal BHalla

    Where is it available in kanpur ???

  • Fitho

    Check in the grocery stores around where you live, esp ones that stock health foods

  • suman

    If I drink green tea at morning(8am) and eve(7pm) and at office 11am and 4pm I am having coffee and tea. Is it affect to weight loss. pls guide me I want loss 15kgs know my weight is 74kgs after my baby.

  • Rosalinda

    Hey, today’s my first day drinking green tea, Im hoping it will help speed up my metabolism and cause me to lose weight. My only question is , will adding sugar to the green tea interefere with that?

    let me know! thanks :D

  • sonia

    where can i buy this in noida???

  • sonia

    where can i get green tea in noida

  • sumit

    i have green tea top brand made in china
    contact for purchasing green tea
    m no 9953841676

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