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Get Fit, Save the Planet

You’ve all heard of global warming, pollution and all of that. Have you done something about it? No, right?! Well, at Fitho … there’s a way you can, and get fit at the same time.

Here’s a list of 6 ways, how by being fit, you can make a difference and save the planet:
– Eating healthy: Eat less processed food, and red meat reduces your carbon footprint on the planet, since it takes less
– Climb Stairs: Instead of taking the elevator for a few floors, take the stairs. Its a top fat burning exercise, and you save electricity and thus fossil fuels.

Photo- Runner (flickrgao@flickr)

– Run outside instead of the treadmill: besides seeing more of nature, you’re saivng a ton of power. Those treadmills are heavy on power usage!
– Walk after dinner: You not only burn calories, but you also skip watching TV and saving electricity
– A stronger cardiovascular system uses oxygen efficiently and reduces your release of carbondioxide into the atmosphere.
– At a reduced weight, you will possibly need fewer calories to maintain yourself and thus more food for other people :)

Did you ever think that you could be fit and save the world? No, right?! :) Let us show you the way…

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