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Get a 3 Day Free Weight Loss Plan, from Fitho

Do wish to feel healthier and fitter?  You want to start a weight loss diet but don’t know what to expect?

We have the answer to your wishes. We at Fitho are providing a Free Weight Loss Plan for you to through the Fitho Weight Loss Mobile App. You can sign up and preview the plan for free. Currently the preview Fitho plan is available for 3 days. All you need to do is sign up, fill the form, tell us about yourself, and get started right away. This program gives you a 3 day customized diet and exercise plan based on your lifestyle, your body type and your food preference. You can also read more about “How It works” here.

Weight Loss Program

Our  weight loss plan is a combination of diet and exercise which is made around your lifestyle, routines, habits, medical issues/allergies (if any). The diet is well-balanced and is based on quality nutrition. The exercises compliment the diet as they are designed to maximize the absorption of nutrition in the body to regulate your metabolism making you look healthier and feel thinner! We also provide you with a  dedicated personal dietitian that we will answer all your queries and personal health tools that will help track your progress. All you have to do is sign up, follow the diet & start losing weight.

Don’t wait and start your free weight loss plan on your mobile today!

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