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7 Day Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss

Can you lose weight in just a week with a healthy diet & exercise plan? Yes, with a Fitho’s weight loss programs you can start losing weight within a week! Download the Fitho app  today & get a 7 day diet or an exercise plan free!

Fitho’s weight loss programs are based on yogic philosophy of three well- balanced, nutritional meals a day.  Each program is customized to your food habits, medical condition and fitness levels making it easier for you to follow and see results. You tell us what you eat (cuisine preference, veg, non-veg) and we will tell you how much to eat, when to eat and what different healthy ways you can eat it.

The unique part of this program is that even the exercise routine that is customized to your fitness levels and workout routine preference for eg: whether you wish to workout at gym, outdoor or home. Exercise routine is a combination of different exercise techniques for example: plyometrics, strength training, cardio, endurance training, interval training, isometrics etc. It’s a high-intensity circuit training program that includes first warm-up then strengthening exercises and at last stretching. All you have to do is press start to exercise anywhere & anytime. Its like having your own personal trainer on the phone for free!

Each plan is customized to your health goal and challenges. Your health goals help provide the guidelines under which each plan is created and then further customized to individual lifestyle and food preferences. Helping you follow a system that is closest to your current lifestyle helps deliver great results. This is the reason why 97% of the FitHo weight loss plan users see results.

To keep up with your lifestyle the plan has been made flexible.You can choose how many healthy meals you wish to have in a day or for how long and how often you wish to exercise. You can even get to know what to order at your favourite restaurant with the help of the special eat out button. It is your personal 24*7 weight loss coach on the go.

Jump start your weight loss with the FitHo app, that is designed to help you get in the best shape of your life. Start losing weight today!!



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