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Healthy Hair Diet

Wonder what’s a healthy hair diet? To get healthy hair, we’re all bombarded with shampoo and conditioner advertisements that promise to do wonders to your hair, make it heathy, strong, etc etc.. But do you ever wonder about this- Your hair grows from inside your scalp. Its health is decided before it actually grows out of your scalp. Sure, the shampoos and conditioners ensure that they remain clean and all of that, but to really have healthy hair, its important for you to be healthy and consume a healthy diet that promotes healthy hair. Include the following foods in your diet- they won’t grow hair back on a bald patch, but they’re probably help salvage whatever is left of it, and will promote a healthier head of hair :)

Salmon– This delicious (we’re already drooling) and healthy fish is rich in protein and Omega-3. Sardines is also a good source of Omega-3, which helps to seal in shine in your healthy hair.

Bran– Not on the list of most delicious foods, but surely on the healthy list. Its rich is fiber, and it’s full of vitamin B, which slows hair loss and promotes growth of healthy hair. Other sources that are rich in Vitamin B are beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, nuts, and eggs.

Avocados– Not so easily available in India, you can find avocados a health food stores and international food markets. These are used extensively in Mexican cuisine and new-age American cuisine. This fleshy fruit can be eaten straight up, or mashed to make a bunch of dips, fillings, etc. These protect hair follicles.

Green teaGreen tea helps weight loss and is healthy for your hair too. Brew a strong pot, cool it, and then give your head a rinse to kill dandruff-causing fungus.

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