Fitho’s Outdoor Training Program is Your Ideal Fitness Buddy

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Have tried joining a gym but paid the entire years fee and barely saw the inside of the gym. What you need are like-minded friends that will motivate you towards sticking to a fitness regime. Fitho’s outdoor training program is just the place that you will find these people that will help you get fitter while you enjoy the workout! Besides a lot of research have been confirming the fact that sweating it out in a group of like-minded people helps you burn more calories — here’s how:

We turn you into a regular

The most difficult part of a fitness routine is being regular. Every day you find a new excuse to skip the workout. Joining a group that is friendly and like-minded makes it easier for you to be accountable and stick to your commitment. It helps you be regular resulting in better attendance meaning higher calories burned!

We ensure you get the most out of the session

When you workout in a group you stop paying attention to the time. Your energy is channelized into focusing and completing the fun group activity at hand. Friendly banter while working out further helps time fly and before you know it the session is over! When you are working out alone most of us find it difficult to even complete 15 minutes before getting bored , giving up and getting on the phone!

We plan the sessions for you

Its difficult to put together a fun workout for yourself. Fitho’s group workouts take that responsibility away from you and in return give you one hour of a super fun and energetic workout session. Group workouts are always fun as every session is planned differently. This ensures that you get a complete body conditioning without making it mundane.

Above all we make it happen for you!

Fitho’s outdoor training group helps achieve your fitness challenges and goals that you might have made and broken a million times before. The group will inspire you to set targets for yourself and then achieve them making fitness fun and easy.

Its team work all the way

Outdoor fitness group members will not let you give up so easily. They will motivate you, cheer you and sometimes even give you that competitive push to achieve your fitness goals. This also helps in making the most out of your one hour spent at the session. Imagine getting all this when you are working out all by yourself?

Fitho’s outdoor training camps are group personal training classes at your door step! All you need are 6 people and a park in your neighbourhood to get started. If you don’t know  enough people to get started and still want it then you can join the sessions at Lodhi Garden thrice a week ( mornings and evenings). For more information mail

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