Truth about Fat Free Foods and Weight Loss
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Fat Free Foods and Weight Loss

Some people might think, the perfect alternative for ice cream is fat-free ice cream. They get to indulge in the ice-cream experience, without loading on the fat. So, they could eat all they want, and not gain any fat.

The reality is that eating fat free foods are not going to help you lose weight. Wonder why?

Regular ice cream has saturated fat as its main ingredient. The next one being sugar. The high fat content makes it set so well at low temperatures (in your freezer). Now to make this a fat free food or low fat, ice cream manufacturers introduce a lot more sugar and chemicals, to mimic the taste and texture of full fat ice cream.

So, if you ever notice the the calorie value, low fat ice cream is about the same as full fat ice cream- except it has more sugar. Now, that is actually worse for you in three ways. The first of course is the high sugar content. The second is the lower fat content, which makes you eat more. Let me explain that – Fat takes longer to digest, so it keeps you feeling full for longer. Sugar (Simple carbohydrates) gets metabolized fast, so you land up eating more. The third is psychological – People assume since its fat free ice cream, they can eat more of it.

As a result, they actually land up consuming more calories, more sugar and feel less satisfied.

Last but not the least, to make a food fat free that isn’t naturally so, many chemicals are added. These chemicals could be harmful to your body.

At Fitho, we believe you should go for the natural real thing, if you’re really craving ice cream or something. Some fat is less harmful than a bunch of chemicals. Just make sure you control your portion.

Next time, skip the fat free food stuff and go for the real thing 😉

Fitho Tip: Eat with a small spoon. You savour the taste better and its more satisfying. Try the 3 bite rule.

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