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Fat Burning Foods For 6 Pack Abs

To build a well muscled, low fat body with a nice six pack, besides the exercise, you need to eat right- meaning, eat the right fat burning foods. And there are some basic foods that can help you get there, by providing you with the right nutrition and help you gain muscle & reduce fat.

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Note that the list is mostly vegetarian foods. Its important to know that you can even grow muscle with vegetarian foods. Here’s our list of the top 5 fat burning foods:

Dairy: Do you know about the benefits of milk? Besides these benefits, research has shown that consumption of 3 daily servings of dairy is associated with reduced accumulation of belly fat.

Eggs: Eggs contain the highest quality protein among all natural foods. High quality protein help you build muscle faster. With more muscle, you burn more calories and fat to maintain the muscle.

Apple: Besides the nutritional benefits of apples like reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, apples also contain a compound called Quercetin. Research has shown that Quercetin helps lower body fat. Along with this, apples contain fiber that keeps you fuller for long, and helps you avoid snacking.

Green Tea: Besides being packed with healthy antioxidants, Green tea contains EGCG, that helps to increase metabolic rate and burn more calories.

Whey protein: Whey protein supplement is amongst the best foods for your muscle.  Besides helping you build solid muscle, whey protein helps you burn fat. Learn all about whey protein supplement.

There are many other healthy foods, but we believe that these are essential 5 foods for fat burning.

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