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Exercises & Workouts – Build Chest Muscles

With the right kind of exercise you can build great chest. A well developed chest will make your upper body look better. Chest muscles can make you look more powerful and confident. Fly machine exercises and bench exercises are best exercises for building chest muscles along with push ups.

Bench Press: A barbell bench press starting position has the weight lifter lying on a bench, with the shoulder blades pinched together to create a stable. The lifter keeps their feet flat on the ground or at end of the bench, with the buttocks always in contact with the bench. Read More to perform the bench press with tips & precautions.

Push ups: This is one of the most basic exercise for chest. Lie prone on the ground with hands placed as wide or slightly wider than shoulder width. Keeping the body straight, lower body to the ground by bending arms at the elbows. Raise body up off the ground by extending the arms. Repeat. Body weight should be lifted by the arms; don’t be tempted to use your butt, stomach or the lower half of your body to pull yourself up. Read more for variations with push ups.

Chest Dip: Grab the parallel bars at a dip machine, slightly wider than your shoulder width. Remember to hold the hand bars away from your body and lean forward at a 10 degree angle. Inhale. Exhale and simultaneously pull yourself up to support your body weight by extending your arms to the point just before locking the elbows. Cross your legs at your ankles for balance. Read more for video and tips to get going on chest dips.

Dumb Bell Fly: Its position is similar to bench press except it is done with the dumbbells. Support dumbbells above the chest with the arms fixed in a slightly bent position. Lower dumbbells to sides until chest muscles are stretched with elbows fixed (locked in position, slightly bent). Bring dumbbells together in a hugging motion  until dumbbells are nearly together. Repeat. Read more to see the video and learn to perform the Dumbbell Fly.

Dumbbell Pull Over: Lie on a bench, head over the end, with your feet flat on the floor. Hold dumbbell in each hand at side of chest in line with nipples. Lower weights just past the ears in a semicircular motion towards the floor. Lower the dumbbells to the floor or as low as possible without pain. Pull dumbbells back to sides of chest using the same path. Read more for precautions and video on dumbbell pull over.

Allow your body to recover and build muscles by taking rest-make sure at least 7 hours of sleep. Working out the same muscle everyday will do you no good. Use these tips to build great chest muscles.

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