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Exercise during pregnancy

To help you clear the myth of pregnancy and exercise, we have answered the most common questions around exercise during pregnancy. ACOG (American College of Publications Obstetricians and Gynecologists) state that walking, swimming, cycling and aerobics are safe during pregnancy, even for beginners. Strength training will make your muscles stronger and may help prevent some of the aches and pains common in pregnancy. So, read on to find out..

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy? What exercises can you do?
Pregnant women without health problems or complications can exercise moderately (approx 30 min) up to 5 days a week.
The American Pregnancy Association mentioned weight training should be emphasized during pregnancy for improving tone, especially in the upper body and abdominal area. Exercise improves circulation (which helps prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, leg cramps, and swelling of the ankles).
Exercise options are brisk walking, stationary cycling, swimming, aerobics and strength training.

When can you start the exercise program during pregnancy?
Start your exercise program after completing the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

What are the benefits of exercise?
– Reduced aches and pains common during pregnancy
– Improved posture and appearance
– Stronger muscles in preparation for labour & delivery
– Improved circulation and sleep
– Increased flexibility and easier to get back in shape after delivery.
– May lower the rosk of high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy
– Increase energy levels and less fatigue

How can you tell if you are exercising too much?
Stop exercising if you have any problems like dizziness, headache, chest pain, abdominal pain & contractions.

Should I start exercising on my own?
Check with your doctor for any limitations on your activity before exercising. And when you start, make sure you get the correct guidance, like a personal trainer to help you workout

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