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Exercise Ball Exercises

Exercise ball or often called as swiss ball is made of soft elastic which can be used to perform exercises for physical therapy, training and exercise. Swiss ball adds an edge to regular exercises like crunches by increasing the intensity on the core and strengthening the  muscles in the abs and back including the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal/external obliques and the erector spinae.

Exercise ball makes a person balance himself on it and doing a exercise on it increases the intensity of the exercise. When you sit on the ball the abs and legs contract to avoid falling giving a better balance and alignment.

Exercise ball increases the blood flow in the body and makes one more energetic other than just providing balance. It improves posture and strengthen lower back and abs. You could workout every part of your body with the ball knowing with the right exercise. Know some exercise with exercise balls to intensify your workouts.

Sit: Initially for any workout or exercise one has to have a good posture and body balance for making a exercise more effective. Having a good body balance gives you the confidence in doing your work outs better. Just sit on the ball and try sitting straight without falling. This balancing will work on your abs and straighten and strengthen the lower back.

Ball Circles: Once you find a balance with the ball you are ready to do more exercises with the ball. For ball circles sit on the ball with hands behind your head. Now slowly take small circles with the ball using the hips. Keep your abs squeezed while taking circle. Work out on both sides.

Ball Squats: As wall squats where you rest against a wall here you rest against the ball on the wall. To perform ball squats place the ball behind your lower middle back and keep the feet a little out so you rest against the wall. Find the right balance and posture and start the normal squats with the ball moving up and down remaining at the same position.

Back Extension: Go down on your knees and place the ball under your hips and lower torso resting against it. Keep hands behind the head and go down on the ball and lift the lower back rising till when the body is straight and repeat.

Hip Extension: Lie down on the floor with heels on the ball with abs tight. Lift your hips off the floor until the body is in a straight line. Hold for sometime and lower again doing 12-15 appointments.

There are lots of exercises that one can do with an exercise ball but starting with easy exercises will give you the experience and comfort level to do difficult exercise and more variations with the ball. Exercise keeps you active and alert which not only has physical benefits but improves concentration and mental resistance.

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