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Exercise/Activity To Burn Off A Slice Of Chocolate Cake

We all love chocolate cake. Its hard not to give in and clean up 2 slices of rich truffle cake. How much exercise do you need to burn off rich chocolate cake? Let’s find out..

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Chocolate cake can really vary in their calorific value, depending on how they’re made. They can be loaded with oil/butter and sugar and all the chocolaty goodness. So, we’ll take a simple chocolate cake with some icing and cream- the standard birthday stuff. One slice of this cake has a calorific value of 200-400 calories. Now, don’t go and eat a whole Mississippi mud pie and assume it was one serving. We’re talking just one slice of chocolate cake. No ice cream included. Also, a slice is very subjective. Lets take a cake piece that’s 250 calories. Say you land up eating 2 pieces of cake. That’s 500 calories.

Burning up a 100 calories is no big deal- a 1 mile run will take care of it. But 500 calories, now that’s a bit of a task.

To burn 500 calories, you need to do either of the following:

Now that we all know the effort it takes to burn off those 2 delicious pieces of cake, maybe you’ll think twice before wolfing them down at the next birthday party :)

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