10 Eating tips to reduce weight & lose fat

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Our previous post was on Eating Habits that Make you Fat- how many are you guilty of? Whatever that number might be, Fitho is here to help you fix those, and convert them into eating habits that make you reduce your weight and lose the fat!

1. When you pass by a bakery, don’t walk in to get something to eat. If you’re truly hungry, eat a fruit. If you don’t have other options, get a wheat bread sandwich or a salad.

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2. During office hours, keep eating every few hours. Stress can reduce your hunger pangs, so people don’t eat assuming they’re not hungry. On the contrary, you should keep feeding your body every few hours. It has a double benefit. It keeps your metabolism up, and it helps to distract you from your work, so it reduces stress levels.

3. When you’re stressed, go for a run or play a sport. Its a great stress buster. Don’t eat. Or take your kids to the park and play with them.

4. When you’re not hungry, say no to food. Compulsive eating is big reason for obesity. People don’t know when to stop or how to stop till all the food in sight is over.

5. Instead of dessert, end your meals with a fruit. Its sweet so it satisfies your sweet tooth, and its good for you- because sugary desserts make you fat

6. When you see junk food, think of how long it will take you to burn it off, and you will not eat it.

7. If you see a plate of cookies, have one and move the plate out of sight. Simple trick to control your brain- ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

8. When you’re feeling down, go shop, or go for a walk, or call a friend. Don’t over-eat- it only makes you fat.

9. If you over-eat, then serve yourself 60% of your regular serving. Finish it, wait for 10 minutes, and then see if you really are hungry, or just greedy for more food.

And finally, the carnal eating habit to get fit:

10. Eat a good breakfast. It gives you energy, increases your metabolism and reduces your junk food binging. do you need more reasons?

So, adopt these habits now and start losing the fat, and the weight!



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