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Eat to lose weight

Weight loss and diets arn’t really about not eating and starving yourself to burn  fat. You could eat the same quantity and lose weight. Not eating is unhealthy for our body as it effects the immune system and the body’s power to fight infections and slows down the metabolic rate. Would you rather eat healthy and lose weight or not eat and get unfit.

There are certain foods that are low calorie and some foods provide no calories at all. Our bodies require a certain number of calories per day and eating beyond it would store the calories. Usually when we are eating we give less importance to the calorie intake but rather eat till we feel full. So here are food options that will fill you up and keep the calorie intake balanced and low.

Fresh foods: If you want to eat choose natural food options like fruits, vegetables, cereals and pulses etc. The cheese burgers, pizzas, patties, fried foods, heavy snacks, empty calorie food provide less nutrition and are fattening. 1gm of fat provides a lot more calories than whats carbohydrates or protein provide. So changing your habits and eating healthy food will help you consume less calories,keep you full and fat especially which gets difficult to burn.

Fruits and vegetables Salads: If you are a frequent eater and want something all the time then fruits and veggies salads could work well. You can make numerous recipes with different fruits and veggies. They will taste nice and the high fibre and water will keep you full and nourish with vitamins and minerals for better health. The calorie intake is really low and contains no fat, a reason to cheer about.

Sprout Salads: High in protein which are muscle builders and is filling, sprout salads with raw veggies would keep the calorie intake low and not bring the hunger pangs often. It is highly nutritious with its micronutrients for better body metabolism.

Whole Grains: Pick breads and flours for dough which are whole grains and not fortified. Whole grains contain fibre which keep you fuller add less calories and is much healthier than fortified grains. The fiber absorbs a lot of water from the body which makes you lose some water weight too. The fiber keeps a good bowel movement makes you drink a lot of water to make up and keep you satiated. Eat with some vegetables to eat less of the grains.

Water: Water can help to pre-load to eat lesser and keep the body hydrated maintaing a good metabolism. Drink cold water to rev up your metabolism and you take in no calories. Mix lime water to the water for some anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin c for absorption of iron and collagen and other nutrients.

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