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Potatoes Nutrition – Help Weight Loss

We all love potatoes! We know that potatoes are loaded with carbohydrates. Then, they’re often cooked in lots of oil and butter, so general belief is that they make us fat. So, do potatoes really make you fat?

Recent study shows that you can eat potatoes and it could help you lose weight! The study shows that foods with resistant starch helps you slim down and improve digestion by resisting immediate digestion, thus keeping you full – the same way, fiber would. This kind of starch is found in legumes (beans are a great source), potatoes, barley, brown rice, corn and other unprocessed whle grains (in their natural form)

The catch is that you can get this benefit from eating bananas (unprocessed), the others get their resistant starch during the cooling process after cooking. Since reheating destroys the benefits, only cool foods will do the trick.

Also, potatoes are loaded with fiber, and iron. They also provide vitamin B, C, potassium and protein. The fiber keeps you full for longer, the protein helps to build muscle, the carbohydrates provide energy. So, the potato by itself is not unhealthy. Its the cooking process that makes it that way. We all love french fries, and mashed potatoes with plenty of butter and cheese on them :)

A healthy way to eat them is baked with a little bit of cream and cheese sprinkled on top. If you can eat, with the skin- its loaded with fiber. Eaten the right way, they could actually help build muscle, and lose weight.

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