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Eat all you want, and lose weight

Sounds too crazy to be true, but if you do this right, you can actually eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

I want to first introduce you to an uncommon concept: On a physiological level, our brain controls everything that we feel- the feeling of joy, hunger, love, pain is all controlled by our brain. We feel the ‘happiness of new love’ because the brain releases excess dopamine in our system. I know it sounds very unromantic, but it’s true.

Similarly, what we feel about food is how our brain reacts to it. Without any restrictions on our food, we eat what makes us happy. Our brain associates our favourite foods with satisfaction and when it gets enough of it, you feel satisfied. Sugar chemically makes us happy and fat provides satisfaction to our brain. So, very often it’s the combination- fatty and sweet foods that are favourites with people- ice cream, cake, fudge, laddus, …

Now, when you go on a nutrition plan (diet) that has restrictions, your brain doesn’t get as much satisfaction from your food. So, it keeps trying to tempt you to eat the ‘satisfying foods’. Anyone who’s been on a diet that restricts them from eating their favourite foods, knows about those intense cravings.

So, when you’re on a healthy diet, we recommend indulging in your favourite food, on a regular but controlled basis. That way, you’re eating healthy most of the time and your brain gets the occasional satisfaction from your indulgence. We call these meals- cheat meals. Studies have proven that diet plans that include cheat meals result in more effective and long term weight loss results than diets with no cheat meals. This is for two reasons- participants stick with the diet plan for longer, since they’re less ‘deprived’. And because these nutrition plans are easier to incorporate into your lifestyle, they result in long term weight loss.

At Fitho, we truly believe that when helping with fat loss or weight loss, it’s important to create long term weight loss and thus truly create fitter and healthier people. We’re so confident of our nutrition and workout plans, that we even have a money-back program.

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