Drinking alcohol & male breasts, man boobs reduction
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Drinking Alcohol, Man Boobs & Breasts

Most guys bring in the weekend with a buzz. Did you know that drinking too much alcohol can give you man boobs or male breasts? Call it heavy chested, Gynecomastia, male breasts or man boobs, its the same thing.

Research has shown that heavy intake of alcohol throws off your hormonal balance and increases estrogen levels. Estrogen is a female hormone, and increased levels of this hormone in men promotes the growth of man boobs/male breasts.

Besides, promoting the growth of man boobs, alcohol is also high in calories. These calories are all sugar based, so they are simple carbohydrates. The mixers in alcohol such as colas and juices add to the sugar intake. And as we’ve told you, excess sugar promotes fat storage in the body. Increased fat in the body also promotes fat storage in the chest area, further aggravating the problem of man boobs.

To make things worse, alcohol further promotes fat storage. When you consume alcohol, your liver puts it on high priority to process all this alcohol. Till this alcohol is completely processed by your body, it stores more fat than normal. Your liver can take up to 2 days to process a couple of drinks!

With increasingly sedentary lifestyles and increased food and alcohol intake, the problem of man boobs is becoming increasingly common. If people don’t watch out, we’re going to see Victoria’s Secret selling bros!

Along with alcoholic drinks, excessive consumption of so called healthy food can also give you man boobs. It can cause hormonal imbalance by producing estrogen in your body.

What is the solution to reduce man boobs/male breasts? Your first step should be to reduce your alcohol intake and not promote your man boobs to grow anymore. Then, work on cutting down your body fat. Watch your diet, and get some exercise to reduce your male breasts. Try this chest exercise to reduce man boobs or Gynecomastia.

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