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Does Weight Training Hamper Weight Loss?

A really common misconception, specially among women is that weight training can hamper weight loss. Again, this is a misconception. If anything, weight training actually helps you lose weight more effectively. Weights can really make your body tone up. Let’s show you how it works …

When you train with weights, it does two things.

You burn more calories doing the same exercise with weights, than doing it without. Also, lifting weights helps you to grow muscle and get toned. Having more muscle in your body, increases your metabolic rate, even when you are resting.

First, its important to be safe when lifting weights (both light or heavy). So, check out these weight lifting safety guidelines.

Now, to grow muscle and burn maximum, you should perform exercises correctly. Check out our full list of exercises for all body parts, with description, tips, videos: Abdominals & Core , Biceps, Triceps, Legs, Chest, Back & Shoulders.

In terms of how much weight to lift to grow muscle, as a standard, lift a weight that is challenging for you to complete 8-10 repetitions per set. This can vary, but we do not recommend using a weight that is too light to make you feel like you’re working hard, or too heavy to keep your form correct.

Ladies, if you’re scared of getting big muscle, don’t worry. Its very difficult to build big muscle even for guys, even after using muscle growth supplements. So, don’t be worried about getting too big from weight lifting. If anything, multiple studies have shown that weight lifting and building muscle, even helps bone strength, protects against osteoperosis, improve insulin absorption, and lots more…

So, start lifting weight now :)

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