Lemon water weight loss benefits

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Do you drink lemon & hot water for weight loss? It’s a very common belief that to lose weight, you should drink hot water (or warm water) and lemon first thing in the morning. Maybe put a pinch of honey in it. There are plenty of people who swear by drinking lemon water for weight loss. Have you ever wondered why drinking warm lemon water would help in weight loss? Or does drinking lemon & hot water even work for weight loss? Read below to find out..

lemon water

lemon water

The key ingredient here is the water- Recent research shows that drinking 400 ml of water as soon as you wake up in the morning, raises your metabolic level significantly. Water has significant health benefits. (Metabolic Level is the rate at which your body burns calories to maintain itself) Through the night, your body is deprived of water, and since most of your body processes use water as a medium, your body’s machinery slows down through the night. When you drink water in the morning, it helps to rev the machinery back into gear, so it kicks up the metabolic rate. The lemon has Vitamin C, and honey has its health benefits, since they add vitamins, minerals, and flavour.

So, assuming that your diet, exercise and activity level is the same, and you start drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up, it will increase your metabolic level. With an increase in your metabolic level, your body will burn more calories for the same activity. Same number of calories going on, more calories going out (from your raised metabolic rate). So you will lose some weight from drinking lemon water in the short term. But once your body gets used to lemon and hot water, the weight loss will really slow down or stop.

So, drinking hot water and lemon is good for health. But, can you lose 5 lbs of weight, from drinking hot water, lemon and honey in the morning? No. Will drinking hot water and lemon reduce any fat? No.

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  • Kalyani

    my question is taking water and lemon in the morning what is the use of this? Hoping for ur answer.

  • http://fitho.in Fitho

    Drinking hot water and lemon in the morning has general benefits. All of which are listed above- like water can help raise your metabolic level, and lemon contains vitamin C that helps to build immunity.

  • meer azher ali

    lemon and honey add flavour/taste and sugar,Coz drinking just water maynot be possible.

  • http://www.fitho.in/ Fitho

    :) haha, interesting perspective.

  • Trupti

    Does lemon hot water helps to reduce weight??? Trupti

  • divya

    hi just wanna know is it just hot water or even normal water that helps you increase your metabolic rate?

  • http://fitho.in Fitho

    normal water should be fine to increase your metabolic rate.

  • Venus

    Well I just started doing this warm water with lemon 3days ago in the mornings plus drinking gegular spring water through out the day and even drink water and lemon before lunch so I drink warm water and lemon in the am continue to add is as apart of my 8 to ten glasses a day as well. With my lunch because even the its twice a day its still. Apart of what I need for the day I don’t do it at night because the bathroom will become my residence but I found warm water and lemon twice a day plus my regular water intake has caused me to already drop 2 pounds I was told two pounds a week is good water before meals helps you eat less so make sure your getting in what the body needs but in normal sized portions the water also helps to get things moving out of the body (wink) that don’t belong the lemon water helps with retention has a calming affect and helps reducing sodium if you know you have cheated Salt is not your friend lol) well if you would like to know more of my solutions and I’m a mom of seven trying to get to a healthy weight as well email me also for woman who have had children its much harder for us to hold water so take advantage LOL drink up skin looks better to http://www.venusbattles@yahoo.com or http://www.youravon.com/vbattles

  • Venus

    sorry if I mispelled anything

  • Venus

    also I know its hard but train youself to stop eating when satisfied don’t go for seconds and no after dinner snacks if you do cheat the first few times take a moment to think of alternatives like a walk music a relaxing bath or whatever you choose it takes will power and restrain but can be done go for walks after dinner that is a great one for avoiding going for seconds I also have grocery shopping tips for myself LOL and one is never shop when your hungry sounds silly but truth have a light snack before hand

  • jessica

    wat if i drink lemon with warm water 3 times a day … will it help to reduce faster??

  • yasmeen


    my height is 5″ but my weight was 45 to 50 ,after my delievery my weight is more .now my is 16 months old.now iam 65kg i want to reduce my weight.

    pls help me .


  • simmi

    my height is 5″ but my weight is 57kg i want to reduce my weight

  • aneesa

    i m aneesa i was married for last 9 months before marriage my weight was medium after marriage my weight has increased my weight is 78 . how to reduce my weight because of weight i dont have regular periods also..

  • Sokovincent

    Take a glass of lemon juis after every meal no water or sugar must be aded -it also helps

  • kakali

    hi i want lose my wait my height is 5.2 and my weigt is 75 so how can is possible

  • http://fitho.in Fitho

    For Fitho’s effective and simple weight loss diet plans, just call 0-98108-20937, or email us at shridhar@fitho.in

  • veeny

    hi sridhar,
    i am 5 .2″.my wt is 66 kg.i want tu reduce.my arms nd thighs hv lot of fat.how tu reduce?

  • Meera

    I want to reduce my weight by taking water and lemon in the morning. But what should be the qunatity required for…??
    Hoping for ur answer.


  • phool chand

    i want reduce my wait i 37 my wait 95 suggest me

  • neetu

    hi i wan to reduce my tummy tell me some thing effective

  • Rizvana

    im 13 years old now,but my weigthis 66,can i drink hot water and lemon to reduce weight,then which amount of food we should eat

  • Patrick chettiar

    Tips for weight loss and diabetic diet plan – Non vegetarian

  • simmi

    i m simmi 42 f
    how i m reduce my wait
    plz tell me some tips

  • simmi

    i m simmi
    i want reduce my weight
    plz tell me some tips
    i want only 7 kg reduce

  • sangeeta

    hi! my wt is 58kgs nd m 37yrs of age suffering fm hypothyrodism…..hw can i loose few kilos to get fit body….pls help

  • http://fitho.in Fitho

    for hypothyroidism, you must talk to a doctor to help you increase your thyroid function. Also, watch your diet, be active and get exercise to stay fit

  • william

    Very informative and useful. It’s good to learn something new. I really enjoyed reading it.

  • sinedu habtemaryam

    my weight is 63 and haw can loss my weight? by quick i havent time for make gym help mei want to loss 10 kg


    Yes,I want to lose

  • SSP

    I was 86 kg and eversince i logged to Filtho I became very cautious on what ever I eat, not only calorie constious but also nutrition value.

    I started 3 hrs exercise with 1.5 hrs in morning 6-7.30 am and 7-8.30 PM regularly for 4 months and lost 10 kg and 4″ waist line.Of course with lot of addon benefits like no snorings, less appetite and more active thru out the day.

    Now my target is to lose another 10 kg s for which I intensified my exersise with a 1 hr jog/ walk with 1 hr exercise and protein supplement WHEY protein as recommended by FILTHO.

    I will keep you posted on further progress in weight loss once my target is reached.

  • Nafue

    I was 64 kg with 52f i want to reduce 5kg what can i do to reduce as soon as possible

  • ali

    I want to reduce my weight by taking water and lemon in the morning. But what should be the qunatity required for…??
    Hoping for ur answer.

  • madhu

    is any body benifited by using this please help me . themadhus2@gmail.com

  • farzana

    my question is my weight is 83kg my height is 5.2 i have take some thyroxine tablet for 150mcg please i have 25kg weight help me and give me diet plan thank,s i am waiting your answer

  • avinash singh chawla

    after two or three years my weight loos 45kg without medicen and othter treetment only use hot and warm water dighting exersise & daily two time day and night face wash with water

  • avinash singh chawla

    after two or three years my weight loos 45 or 46 kg without medicen and othter treetment only use hot and warm water dighting exersise & daily two time day and night face wash with water

  • Lerato

    hot water with lemon how will it help me

  • sakshi agarwal

    if we drink warm lemon water daily as soon as we get up n before we sleep how much weight can we lose in a week?

  • kamal

    is its true that if v take lemon water evryday,after few mnths v wld b unable 2 reduce our weight?though it helps in reducing our weight at beginning

  • Shets

    help me wit some instant weight loss tip

  • http://gmail geetika

    ithink lemon water will help

  • nikita somaiya

    at if i drink lemon with warm water 3 times a day … will it help to reduce faster?? plz inform me earliar

  • priyanka jha

    weight loss my stomack

  • http://www.brass-copper-washers.com ketan

    I’ve lost 6 kgs using lime water!

  • asma

    plz let me know which is best way to loose wait

  • koel

    I ahve pcos thyroid and colestrol . want proper weight loss plan to loss weight . currently i am 65 kgs

  • http://shridhar@fitho.in ramya

    hi i am ramya my weight is 73kg my height is 5.5 please suggest me to reduce weight atleast 10kgs please hope u will make helpful and sen sum deit plans

  • ilaguilar

    I have been noticing a huge difference since using warm lemon water before heading out to work each morning for the past two wks. I drink it first thing in the morning and try to take it 1-2hrs before bed time and I’ve notice getting up feeling hungry but don’t eat until after drinking it, All I can say is that I eat less with less cravings and go for walks and it works. Eventually little by little I”ll loose. Just be determined and keep it up. Hope this helps as a motivation to some. I luv the feeling ;)

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  • Angel

    I would drink a hot green tea with a tea spoon of lemon in the morning ,then I would workout 3 days out of the week drink lime water through out the day and 7 days later I step on my scale and was shocked in lost 5lbs :) and I never gained them back good luck!!



  • niesha

    I’m 4’11 and 3/4 I weight 259 pounds I wanna do the hot water and lemen diet all I wanna drink is this well it help me lose weight I rellay need help I also have 2 kids so I need so much help please help

  • santhosh

    hii…….. m santhosh…………. frm last one month m hvng lime water with normal water…….. is it reduce my weigth loss r wt……

  • sandhya

    hi i want to reduce my Weight.my hight is 5.3 but my weight is 61. i want it will be 55. please help.

  • rols

    I have to loose some 20 kgs wanted to check i take lemon and honey with warm water everyday is it right because many people say honey should not be taken with hot water. And will it help in reducing weight.

  • Britannia

    Hi! My height is 1m50cm and my weight is 105kg.I desparetely need to loose weight.

  • subin

    hai all. u can take SMALL HONEY 1 tea spoon + 1 cup o HOT green tea + i half of lemon ..everyday morning in empty stomach.. and take vit.e 400mg after break fast…see the magic…

    Note : u should take SMALL honey…the small bee”s saliva contains an enzyme which reduce human fat..

  • ksrbala

    Why should drink warm lemon water…why can’t drink warm water in evening or after eight hours sleep?….then can i drink warm lemon water with honey

  • nandhini

    every morning i used to drink warm lemon juice(i used to add sugar) but i did not get good result what should i do to reduce my weight shall i take any pills to reduce my weight???
    please give me some suggestion.

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