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Does Eating Meat Make You Gain Weight & Fat?

Its a common notion that eating meat- chicken, fish, etc.. can make you gain weight. But is it really true. We’ll tell you whether its really true or not.

Does eating meat make you fat? (shidrokh@flickr)

Meat is primarily composed of two basic nutrients- protein and fat. The good news is that meat is high in protein. The even better news is that some meat sources are loaded with fats that are good for your heart. The not so good news is that some meats do contain artery clogging saturated fat.

Wonder why protein is good for you? Protein is the basic ingredient used to maintain and grow muscle in your body. Compared to fat, muscle uses up more energy to maintain itself. That means, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate. The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you burn, even while you sleep!

So, you’re clear how meat provides you with muscle building protein. If you’re vegetarian, then you should know that protein from plant sources is not enough to build muscle. If you’re vegetarian and would like to get toned or build muscle, we recommend whey protein supplement.

On to the fat in meat … the leanest meat source is skinless chicken breast, with almost negligible fat. Have it grilled in olive oil. Grilled tandoori kebabs with chicken are good sources of lean meat (skip the butter rub). Avoid curried and deep fried meat items as they’re loaded with oil and fat.

The fat in fish like sardines and salmon are rich in omega-3 oils and are heart healthy. Numerous studies have shown that consuming these fish leads helps improve health. Countries with high consumption of these fish are known to have people with longer life spans. Omega 3 oil foods are good for healthy hair.

Mutton (lamb) and beef can have high amounts of saturated fat. If you’re going to have them, go for lean cuts. Lean cuts of beef are loaded with iron, muscle building protein and is one of the best sources of muscle building creatine!

Meat sources like sausage, ham, salami, hot dogs and cured meats are not only loaded with saturated fat, but also with high sodium and preservatives. High sodium foods cause water retention & bloating. Note, that primarily eating meat in your diet can be unhealthy.

So, eating meat does not make you gain weight, but eating unhealthy meat loaded with saturated fat can. And eating lean meat can help you gain muscle!

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