Does drinking cold water make you fat?

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Do you think that drinking ice cold water makes you fat? It baffles us why anyone would ever think that drinking cold water makes you fat! But since there are some people who do, we are here to tell you if drinking really cold water will really make you fat.

First of all, its a known fact, that water is good for you. And most people don’t get enough of it. You should drink 9-12 glasses of water a day.

Photo: Hot and Cold Water

Photo: Hot and Cold Water

Now, water is an essential component of most bodily functions. Drinking 2 glasses of water in the morning increases metabolic rate and actually promotes weight loss. This is regardless of whether the water is hot or cold, or if you drink water with honey, lemon, etc

Also, water contains 0 calories. It has 0 gm of carbohydrates, 0 gm of fat, 0 gm of protein. Depending on the source, it might contain some minerals & vitamins, etc.

So, when drinking water can help you lose weight, and it contains 0 calories, how could it ever make you fat by drinking cold water? You see the point. Drinking cold water cannot make you fat! It does not matter if you drink your water hot or cold!
In fact when you drink cold water, your body has to burn more calories to warm it up and bring it to body temp before it uses it. So you actually might be burning more calories drinking cold water than hot.

So, if anyone ever told you that drinking cold water will not make you fat, please clarify to them, that it does not!

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  • arvind kumar jain

    I would be interested to know more.

  • Cristian

    Well, I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately and I can that my tummy is growing big every time I drink a glass…well I thought that made me look fat…no?

  • Fitho

    @Cristian, drinking water might make you feel bloated temporarily, but it does not make you look fat.

  • leen

    what’s the best way to reduce fatso?

  • leen

    what’s the fastest way to reduce fats?

  • Sharath

    hi, im new to this …. IM 25 age with 85kgs. i look bloated like water body. i do hard excercise in gym, i put more effort, i can built muscles but no cuts. and i enquired my gym master today abt fat burning capsules which he sells. He instructed me to go running , skipping other than excercise in gym,if i intake those pills. pls suggest me a idea to get fit my water body. Plsss plsss

  • Whinner

    Its nice… Now I’m gonna drink cold water everyday…. Thanks…. :)

  • jamela

    hi,i every day i eat ice if dont have i dring very cold water is it bad for my health?
    thank you

  • Devina

    I saw this

    In theory: Ice slows down the metabolism and therefore sugars and carbs aren’t burnt off but are converted into lipids (fats)

    Kinda makes sense ^_^

  • http://Google Zainab

    I wnt 2 slimdown wt can i do plsss

  • lovely

    ooo thank you soo much…. i can drink much cold water then hot…

  • deepshikha

    I was try hot or cold water both but my weight is increase what should i do to lose weight

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