Does Diet Food Helps You Lose Weight?
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Does Diet Food Helps You Lose Weight?

Most food products today seem to have some kind of a ‘diet version’. Whether it’s low fat version or the sugar free version, the market is flooded with such “diet foods”. What it does is that it lets you indulge in the food, without feeling guilty about it.

Now, clearly most people love to have fat free ice-cream for the fear of eating too many calories or getting fat, but the question is .. does “diet food” really help you lose weight? Studies show that they don’t .. read on to know why..


Studies have shown that when weight conscious people were given lower calorie versions of their favorite foods, they consumed larger quantities of them, in effect consuming a larger number of calories.

Since one of the main factors for weight loss or weight gain is your calorie input and output, eating larger amount of calories clearly doesn’t help your weight loss.


So, what should you do? If you really want to indulge in a particular food, like Cake –

– If the diet version is a bad substitute of the original, then go for the original. Try the 3 bite rule.

– If you’re consuming the diet version, control your portions. Don’t eat more, than you would, if you were eating the non-diet version of that food.

Similarly, there are many diet foods in the market that are considered healthy. Some of them are, some aren’t. We’ve told you about them before, but here’s the list again.

Know it all common “diet foods”:

– Do you think if orange juice is healthy – Some are, some aren’t- See the healthiest orange juice brand.

Biscuits are a common diet food, but are biscuits really healthy food?

– Are “Lite biscuits” really light or are wheat biscuits good for you?

– Is brown bread really healthy?

– Do corn flakes help you lose weight?

– Which is the best diet sugar substitute?

Are fruit smoothies low in calories?

We could go on and on about diet foods, but we’ll leave some for the future. Till good, eat healthy, exercise and burn that fat away!

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